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Find here some information about this website, the developers and answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Universal Opinion?
What can I do here?
What is an item?
How do I create an item?
What can I comment?
Do I need to be registered to post a comment?
What is an Anonymous comment?
Are the comments reliable?
Do I need to create an account?
What about the points I earn?
Few words about the creators and developers
New features coming soon

What is Universal Opinion?

Universal Opinion is a place where you can find other's opinion about everything.
Anybody can let their opinions, comments and give a score here.

By centralizing in one place all the opinions it makes it easier for all of us to find out what it's said about something.
You can take advantage of feedbacks and experiences that can help you making the best choice.

Whether you want to know how good it is a hotel, restaurant, a place, a technology... this is your website to look for!
Whether you liked or did not like something, had a good experience or want to say something, share it with the rest of the world here!

We want to create a site of reference providing valuable and reliable opinions and scores to most of the things we can find in this world.
There is no limitation on the items you can create and comment. So feel free to create an item if you want to know what others think about it.

What can I do here?

You can find here a lot of opinions about anything. And of course, you also can give your opinion about all you want.

Finding opinions and how much an item is liked:

Getting knowledge about what other people think about something is very valuable. It gives the capability to take advantage of other's feedback.
You can find out any advantage, drawbacks, and experiences from others.
Before making a decision about what to buy, where to go, which one to choose... finding out what is the opinion of the ones who already know about it is highly valuable and helps to make the best choice.
You can find here opinions and scores about what you are looking for. You can also see the trending so you can determine whether the item has improved or on the contrary has worsened.

Giving your opinion:

Before getting to know what others think, we need to have your opinion! Here you will be able to express yourself and let the world know what you think about what you want.
You can give your opinion about anything. If the item already exists, just let your comment and score on it! If it does no exists yet, just create it yourself very quickly.
If you like something, tell us why do you like it and why would you recommend it. On the other hand, if you don't appreciate something, tell us too, and let us know why you would not recommend it.
Giving you opinion and posting a comment is very important for all of us so we can all take advantage of other's experiences and feedback. Thank you very much for sharing with us!

What is an item?

Really simple, an item can be anything you can comment on.
Thus an item can be a hotel, a restaurant, a shop, but also a website, a place, a music album... or even a person!
We think everybody should be able to let their comment on anything so you are able to create as many items as you want, and they can be anything you want!

How do I create an item?

Creating an item only takes a few moments.
You can go to Add Item and create your item.
You will need to provide some information related to the item such as its category, a description, the address (if it applies), etc.
You can also specify here what categories can be rated for the item. As an example, if you are creating an item for a hotel you may want to add the cleanliness, the service quality, the price... to the score categories. This way, people will be able to give a score for those categories and rate your item accordingly.

Once you have submitted your item, it will not be visible until it has been validated by the Universal Opinion team.
Please note that in order to be able to add items you need to be registered in Universal Opinion. You can register here for free in less than 1 minute.

What can I comment?

You can comment any item that has been created and validated. If you do not find the item you are looking for, you can create it yourself very quickly.
You can post as many comments as you want on as many items as you want.

Do I need to be registered to post a comment?

No, you do not need to have an account to give your opinion here. We want everybody to be able to express themselves without any restriction but you need to follow the guidelines in the Terms and Conditions.
Please note that if you post a comment without being registered, your comment could be considered as less reliable and the score given could not have the same consideration and impact as a comment from a registered user.

Posting comments as a registered user helps you increasing your credibility, being an active user helping the community and can help you win prizes!

What is an Anonymous comment?

If you post a comment without being registered, your comment will be shown as anonymous.

Also, it is important to know that even if you are registered and logged in, you can post a comment anonymously. Just specify it before submitting your comment.
This way your comment will not show you are the author. Only you will be able to see your anonymous comments in your profile and you will also earn some points to increase your reputation.

Are the comments reliable?

We ask everybody posting a comment to comply with the Terms and Conditions.
All the opinions should be reliable and relevant.
We do not apply any censorship to the comments as long as they respect some basic rules.
In order to guarantee the quality of the comments, they may be subject for a review and validation by the Universal Opinion team. We will verify the information is accurate and compliant with the Terms and Conditions.

Do I need to create an account?

You do not need to register to enjoy and take advantage of Universal Opinion.
All users are able to view items, read comments and let their opinion.

However, by registering you have access to some extra features such as:
Create items
Keep track of the comments you have posted
Personalize your profile
View user's profile
Apply for prizes based on raffles or your contribution to the site

What about the reputation points I earn?

Registered users can earn reputation points by creating items or posting comments.
Such reputation points help the community to identify great contributors and reliable and active members.
Those points are also very useful for you when there is a raffle or a contest organized by Universal Opinion. They will help you win amazing prizes.

Here is how you can earn more points:
- one item created gives you 15 points
- one comment posted non anonymously gives you 5 points
- one comment posted anonymously gives you 3 points
- one opinion added gives you 15 points

Few words about the creators and developers

We are a couple of guys creating and developing this site in our spare time without any profit or revenue for this. We want this to be free now and for ever.
We are motivated by the idea of having one place to centralize opinions about all sort of things.
We do not want to impose any restriction of what kind of things can we comment or what can we say.
This is why we want everybody to be able to create items and comment on anything even without being registered.

If you want to help us we would appreciate very much your contribution by creating an item or just posting a comment.

Of course we also will appreciate your feedback about Universal Opinion, so do not hesitate to let us know what do you think about this site.
You can tell us what we should improve, give us any idea you might have, suggestion or submit a feature request for whatever you want!
Please contact us!

New features coming soon

We are working every day to improve this site, add new functionalities and create new features for you.
The following are just a few features we are currently working on and that will be released soon:

Maps and geolocation: you will have soon the possibility to see the items within a map and check at the items close to your current location.

Favourites: this new feature will allow you to save your favourite items so you can quickly and easily access them later. You can then save you favorite's places, shops, restaurants, hotels, people...

New categories for items: we are working to compile more categories so you can add all sort of items.

Smartphone app: we'll try to release an improved version compatible with the smartphones' browser and also create a proper app.

Like comments: it will be possible to "like" or "dislike" comments and indicate if the comment is useful or not, so you can then sort by those criteria.

Version: 0.09

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