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in Amazon!!

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Imagine what could you buy with $100 in Amazon, plenty of things!

Get something you need, buy a present or just get something you want!

Participate in Universal Opinion's raffle and win $100 (or equivalent in your local currency)!

Just create an item and post a comment to get your chance to have $100 gift card in Amazon!

About the raffle

How to win $100 Amazon gift card?

Easy! You just need to participate in the raffle organized by Universal Opinion. It is free and can be done very quickly.

What if my local currency is not USD?

If you are not using US Dollars, we will send you an Amazon gift card for an amount equivalent of $100.

How does the raffle work?

In order to participate in the raffle, you just need to make some contribution to Universal Opinion by creating at least one item and posting one comment.
When the raffle takes place, there will be one item chosen randomly among all the items created, the selected item will be the winner.
The item winner will be then announced publicly and the owner will also be contacted directly be email. Universal Opinion will send the $100 Amazon gift card to the owner of the item winner.

Here is what you need to know:
- The more items you create the more chances you have to win [1]
- To be eligible you need to have earned more than 20 points and created at least one item. That means you need to either create an item and post a comment, or you can just create 2 items.
- There will be one winner item picked up randomly when the raffle takes place
- You can find out the points you have earned and your contribution in your profile

What is the super combo?!

The super combo is when you get one $100 Amazon gift card and your friend another one!

How does it work?

The only thing you need to do is to share Universal Opinion Facebook page with your friends.
If one of your friends is the winner of the raffle and you were the first that shared Universal Opinion Facebook page with him/her, you get another $100 Amazon gift card.

That means that the first person that shared Universal Opinion Facebook page with the winner of the raffle, will get another $100 Amazon gift card!

For the raffle to take place there are some basic requirements that have to be met.

The raffle will take place as soon as:
- there is more than 600 items created
- there is more than 300 users registered [3]

As soon as those two conditions are met, the raffle may start within one week and the official date will be announced at the main page in Universal Opinion.

[1]: The item must be validated, for this it must comply with the terms and conditions
[2]: The comment must comply with the terms and conditions
[3]: The users registered must have more than 20 points, which means the users have made at least a little contribution

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