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8.33/10 - Very good

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Service Quality: 8.0/10
Reliability: 7.0/10
Interest: 9.0/10
User friendly: 9.0/10
Features: 8.0/10
Recommended: 9.0/10

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General Information

WhatsApp Messenger est un logiciel de messagerie instantanée pour Smartphones.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messenger application that works under iPhone, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone systems.
Whatsapp permet aux utilisateurs de communiquer avec leurs contacts possédant eux aussi le logiciel sur leurs smartphones sans avoir à effectuer d'appel ou envoyer de SMS. Cette application mobile est disponible pour BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia et Android. L'utilisation de ce logiciel est gratuite pour les téléphones ayant un forfait permettant l'accès à Internet ou un plan comprenant l'utilisation de la messagerie instantanée.

The application facilitates easy instant messaging between users of different phone carriers and systems on an international scale.

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Crazy monkey

Great tool to communicate with others, especially those who are in different countries. Some times the voice call quality is not that good but there is a lot of progress that has already been made.
And is very good the traffic is encrypted now!

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Very good

Service Quality:  8/10
Reliability:  7/10
Interest:  9/10
User friendly:  9/10
Features:  8/10
Recommended:  9/10

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