Héroes del Silencio
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General Information

Héroes del Silencio (translated: Heroes of the Silence) (well known as Héroes or HDS) was a Spanish rock band from Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain, formed by guitarist Juan Valdivia and singer Enrique Bunbury. The lineup was completed by bassist Joaquin Cardiel and drummer Pedro Andreu.
During the 1980s they experienced success around Spain and the Americas, and in various European countries including Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Yugoslavia and Portugal. They established themselves as one of the major contributors to the Rock en Español scene and are considered to be one of the all-time best bands in that genre.[1] Their trademarks are their well-crafted lyrics, complicated arrangements and impeccable rhythm.[2] After twelve years and numerous albums, the band broke up in 1996. When the lead singer Enrique Bunbury started a solo project, other members of the band also followed a different musical path. In 2007, as part of a 20-year anniversary celebration and 11 years after their break-up, they organized a 10-concert world tour.


Studio albums:
Héroe de Leyenda (EP) (1987)
El Mar No Cesa (1988)
Senderos de Traición (1990)
El Espíritu del Vino (1993)
Avalancha (1995)

Live recordings:
En Directo (1989)
Senda '91 (Las Rozas (Madrid), September 26, 1991)
Parasiempre (Disc one: Zaragoza, June 8, 1996; Disc two: Madrid, June 7, 1996)
El Ruido y la Furia (2005)
Tour 2007 (2007)
Live in Germany (2011)

Rarezas (outtakes and rare versions) (1998)
Edición del Milenio (4-CD boxset) (1999)
Canciones 1984-1996 (2-CD set) (2000)
Antología Audiovisual (2004)
Héroes del Silencio: The Platinum Collection (3 CD, 2 DVD) (2006)

In other media:
The song "Avalancha" is a bonus song in the video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

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Viva Heroes! Uno de los mejores grupos de rock espaƱol sin duda. La unica pena: que se hayan disuelto...

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Very good

Product Quality:  10/10
Reliability:  9/10
Interest:  9/10
User friendly:  8/10
Recommended:  10/10
Does what it says:  9/10

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