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Universal Opinion is a website that aims to gather and share opinions about all kind of things.

Here you can find what other people think about something, and you can also give your opinion and let the world know what do you think.
We believe on freedom of speech and this is why you can give your opinion on EVERYTHING.

We are not limited on specific areas or business, but you can add and comment the item you want.
An item is basically something or someone you can comment on. It can be a restaurant, a place, a technology or even a person!
We want to give you the possibility to express yourself and be able to give your opinion about all you want.
Post a comment on an already existing item or just create it yourself in only a few minutes.

You can find here a valuable source of information about opinions and feedbacks.
Having the correct information and other's feedback and opinions is very useful when we have to make a choice.
We would like to give you the possibility to find out what other people think and say about anything you might be interested in.
We believe that being able to express ourselves and give our opinion is essential.

Why not centralize the opinions and have them all in one place? What better than take advantage of other's feedback and thoughts?

When you are looking for something you can just come here and see what other's think about it.
When you are happy or unhappy or just want to comment on something, come here and tell everybody!

Feedback from experience is very valuable and we want to give everybody access to it.

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Universal Opinion Raffle

Universal Opinion organizes a raffle so you can win a $100 Amazon gift card!

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